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My name is Vinay. 


While I was  working in software industry nearly 20 years and living in USA and Canada for about 6 years I was fortunate to see many varieties of campers and RVs. I was very fascinated about the idea of living and camping in a van. My interest turned towards Camper van conversion and camping in Camper van.

I come from  Electronic and Communication engineering background.  In 2018, I  started researching the feasibility of converting van into Camper van  and learned many related things. In mid of 2019, I started the van conversion and started camping in it along with my family in March 2021. 

With the conversion process, Earth Camper( camper van interior building business) came into operation in October 2020 to convert van to functional Camper Van for our clients. 

Please contact me to convert your van to camper van. 

Contact Me:

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